Raising Funds

TICKET SALES – Your committee determines the price of the tickets for your auction (printed for you by Joseph Scott Galleries at no cost.) We recommend charging a fee to ensure attendance the night of the auction, and because all the ticket sale revenue is retained 100% by your organization. Great way to start off the night!

AD SALES – We provide your guests with 100-150 printed catalogs at no cost. It will include any ads you sell in the local business community. This is another great revenue generator for your organization.

AUCTION SALES – A SLIDING SCALE PERCENTAGE of artwork sold. Your organization will earn a commission on every single piece of art sold that evening.
DOOR PRIZES – Joseph Scott Galleries WILL DONATE 2 WORKS OF ART beautifully matted and framed for your organization to be used as raffles or door prizes. A great way to draw a crowd to the event!

LOCALLY DONATED ITEMS AND SERVICES –  Secure donated items and services for a silent auction component to your event. Our Auctioneer can auction “live” any higher ticketed items generating some additional enthusiasm and profit for your cause!

CHILDREN’S ARTWORK – Contact your local art teachers asking them to create 6 class projects in any medium. We will frame these works and include them in the live auction. This is a great way to attract parents and extended family to the event. You will realize more revenue as parents and grandparents compete for the winning bid on these “masterpieces.” You will be amazed!